Project Chelvrado: Stardate 12-12-2020

The Z71 gets a good amount of the brake work done today, with enough left over to have no down time tomorrow.. or next fair weather day...



Right side, just as I pulled the drum, excessive dust.  More than I usually see...



From looking at the wear marks, doesn't look like the rear brakes are doing much..




Compressor comes in handy now...  No sense wasting brake cleaner just to get dust off..





Now that its blown off and brake cleaned, ready to get to work.  Objective for today is replace brake cylinders.



Everything has been soaking in Kroil for 2 daze, later I found all the bolts came free easily, but brake lines were still seized.




In order to get the primary spring off without a lot of fighting the shoes from drifting everywhere, a large hose clamp was deployed.  This little trick really helped a lot..




Drats!  Amazon Garage said this was the right one... Now I have to go to a local store, and return these.



New & correct cylinder installed, thanks to O'Rileys having them in stock.  I wanted NAPA but they only had one.



I noticed when I took the drum off, there was zero drag or resistance.  Since the axle does not have an adjustment slot, I need to adjust them now, then slide the drum on.


Here is the self adjuster teeth that need to be tweeked, only a little at a time and check fit until the drum is snug going on.



Driver's side is showing some wet, I think this cylinder has a slight leak...  good thing were replacing them.




I have the replacement rear hose to go in, but even after 2 daze of Kroil & PB, fitting is still seized.


I put a little blue wrench to it, but it did not help.  I later found that I needed to heat it until it glows and try to removed the fitting while it is still hot..  I will try again tomorrow.


Front is due for new calipers..


Good pads & rotors, just needs calipers for "full system rebuild".


Back from another trip to O'Rileys, took the calipers with me so I would forego the core charge.



Make sure the new calipers came with a fresh Banjo bolt, and two *copper* washers..



Make sure to discard the old copper washers, remove them if stuck to the block, etc..


Shown here the proper orientation of the copper washers on the Banjo bolt prior to install.


Here is one object for the full system rebuild, this nasty contaminated brake fluid is what came out so far.


The next work session will include master cylinder and finish connecting broke sections of hard line to the wheel cylinders, then full vacuum bleed with fresh brake fluid.

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