Project Chelvrado: Stardate 12-13-2020

Whew, more work done...  Yesterday I got all the brake components at the wheels in, but with broke hardline that needed to be addressed before I can install the new master cylinder and do a full bleed.  That was what I got done today...  with the exception of fittings at the master cylinder that are leaking and need to be resolved.  After 6 hours and turning dark, my old ass is done working in the driveway...


Here is today's gatherings from my shopping spree...



As I learned on a FB forum, this stuff is supposed to be good..  I have one fitting that must come loose in order to run new hard line.  Yes, this stuff is awesome.  Seen in the background, brake fluid which has leaked out of the broke brake line that I am replacing now..


The CRC Freeze-Off got this seized brake fitting loose.


Test fitting the new brake line fitting before I commit to work.





Priority for today is new brake lines on the rear axle.



3/16" brake line needs a double flare, got this at Harbor Freight.  All the kits like this are pretty much the same so it doesnt matter where you get it..


line stick-out is measured with flare adapter


Run it home on the first pass



Remove the adapter and run it home again, this produces the double flare.


Finished double flare with fitting on the line.


Busted OEM line on the top, my hand formed replacement hard line below.  No need to be "exact", close is good because you will be making tweeks and bends to fine tune anyway.



Driver's side wheel cylinder on, now to attach to hose block.





Passenger side hard line replaced



Hard lines on rear axle installed, time to R&R the master cylinder.



Now to inspect new master and assure it duplicates removed OEM part.



New cylinder must be bench bleed prior to install.







Install the lid and put the block off plugs in to move for install.


Im getting old yall, but still putting in the wrench cranks!


All that is left is install the lines on the master and start bleeding the system.  Rear first, then front.  The cavities are divied, the small front cavity is the rear- and the large rear cavity is the front.  After a few bleeds, check the level and top off.


Wifey is my helper, she works the pedal as I do the bleed.


My precious helper of 26 years keeps and eye on the level as I do an initial vacuum bleed. I do an "engine running and helper work the brake pedal" bleed after I get some fluid in the line.


Any leaking brake fluid with fluoresce under UV light. Since I've replaced all the components and installed hand made hard lines, it is imperative to assure the system is leak free.



When removing the cover, this is a good sign.. it means that a vacuum was present as the lines were bleed, just pop it back and keep bleeding. 




Final words:  There is a small leak at the master cylinder fittings that will need to be addressed at a later time, 6 hours is crawling around a truck in the driveway is enough...  its dark and I am ready for dinner and Bourbon!  


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